“Stickman” by Julia Donaldson

„Stickman” by Julia Donaldson is one of our preschoolers’ favourite winter stories. “Stickman lives in the family tree with his stick Lady Love and their stick children three.”
One morning Stick Man goes out for his routine jog, he meets a playful dog. This game leads to a handful of unfortunate adventures, which leads Stick Man far from home… All the seasons pass… Stick Man meets a special friend who is happy to help him get home.. but will it eventually happen? Will Stick Man get back to the family tree for Christmas? Ask your little ones, we’re sure they know!
Take a moment to appreciate our Stick Man poster.. ❄️🌲☃️❄️

We do a lot of exercises, we’re having lots of fun!

We work on your children’s condition every day.

It’s not always necessary to have expensive equipment to provide learning opportunities for children. We practice to balance, play games with the parachute, bean bags, ribbons, climb a climbing frame, play movement games, learn how to fall down and land on feet or just dance.

Movement activities help children to develop socially and emotionally because they permit interrelationships with other children in groups and with the partners.

Today we did exercises with throwing and catching balls, rolling and a lot of stretching.
Good warm up = endorphins !
It gives us a lot of happiness and energy for the whole day 😉


Grandparents’ Day

It’s Grandparents Day soon. This week, we’re talking about our Grandparents. It warms my heart the way our little ones talk about their grandmas and grandpas… how they help them cook and clean… share their memories of fishing or baking cakes together. It takes me back to the days when I was a little girl and I’d spent my whole summer with my Grandparents. It was lovely.

Take a look at Little Teddies and Funny Frogs working really hard to impress their loved ones with beautiful Origami Grandparents Portraits. Aren’t they adorable?

Pumpkin decorating contest

Walking down the street on Halloween night, lots of scary monsters and other strange sights….

Children love dress up parties. You can’t imagine how excited they get when Halloween rolls around. Halloween gives them a chance to be spooky and give their teachers a fright.

There are a lot of Halloween activities children get engaged in that day.

We read Halloween books, go on a ghost hunt, bake witches’ fingers, take pictures at Halloween picture booth, dance and take part in Halloween games and contests.

The grand finale is a Pumpkin decorating contest. It’s impossible to choose a winner, they are all awesome!



Hokus-Pokus-z magią na wesoło

Magic tricks always enchanted little children. Today we’ve learned how to perform some of them.

It’s not rocket science.  All you have to remember is a magic spell-Hocus Pocus.

Oh, and you need a magic wand.

Our children are born magicians-they could do some of the hardest tricks right away 🙂 .

It was a wonderful, magical experience for everyone which brought lots of smiles to our faces!