Monthly Archives: March 2019

Planting onion bulbs

This week we’re learning all about planting. We know that our onion bulbs need sun, soil, and water to grow.
First, we filled our cups with soil. Then, we poked a hole in it and popped the onion bulbs in. Finally, we tamped the soil firmly and watered a little.
From now on, we’ll be watering the onions every day and observe the changes.

Let’s hope we have a green thumb

Growing sprouts

The first days of spring is a perfect time to learn about how a seed turns into a plant or a flower, and set up a small garden inside that doesn’t need soil 😀.
That’s right, we start growing sprouts!

Sprouts are the richest source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The most popular and easiest seeds to sprout are alfalfa and reddish.
You may grow them in a sprouting dish or just in a jar. Just remember to rinse them every day.

Needless to say, children are much more likely to eat these “baby plants” if they have helped them grow.


“Once upon a time”- these are the magic words that open the door to every child’s world of imagination.
Stories help children to develop social skills, empathy, provide a natural exposure to language, rhythm and intonation.
We read them every day and we love every bit of our reading time!

Learning about time

The concept of time is very vague and hard for little children to understand.

We started with the seasons.
After reading the book “Skip through the seasons” by Stella Blackstone, a great interactive seek and find book, we discussed the seasonal changes in nature, what kind of clothes we wear, and activities we get involved into.
We sorted the pictures according to the seasons and made a “seasonal wheel” followed by each child’s presentation.

The days of the week are an important measure of time for children to understand.
Each day brings us something new. We made a book with our favorite activities for each day of the week and learned a song “Days of the week”, which is about different things we do each day.
Children arranged the pictures with the preschool activities according to the timetable and pasted them on the poster.

Meet reptiles!

This is our second “wild animals” workshop. This time we’ve learned about reptiles!

Alligators, lizards,
Tortoises, and snakes!
Their skin is dry and covered with scales.
Some say that dinosaurs
Were reptiles long ago.
Why did they disappear? No one seems to know!